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Marcos Lopes  August 27, 2013 – 15:27
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Algiers Fucks, technical and America game tonight against Chapecoense: "We are the only team that does not depend on anyone to leave the relegation zone. And we already know the recipe to make it happen: just repeat the first time we've done before Avai, but throughout the game against Chapecoense. It's a team that I know well, plays the ball very air and we have to be vigilant. "

Remember the case of the fans of Goiás, in Natal that was promised Rodrigão defender and club doctor to gain a hot dog stand? The bullshit started when Goiás was in Natal to face the ABC Cup Brazil. Recall the case

Tired of waiting, the waiter has filed a lawsuit against the defender and Rodrigão club, Goiás for moral damages, since improperly used his image. Dalmir, the deceived, not pressed the doctor Mauro Machado, as he deposited the value of 400, oo in cash and a check for 900.00, totaling 1, 300.00.

On the advice of counsel, the waiter Dalmir Ramos did not use the money deposited by the doctor - cart costs more than 3000 real - and is triggering escrow Goiás and defender Rodrigão.

It's amazing how a sudden the fans - some - transform leaders into villains, incompetent and unworthy. I know that football is driven by extreme passion, which often blind and mad, but mostly overdone, with much exaggeration.

It takes an American to lose Avai in Barrettão and technical Algiers Fucks Vinicius Pacheco no longer relate to a current fans, do not know the basis of that, the shovel turned against President Alex Padang, as the leader in the field to enter play, to defend or to score goals.

Padang has marked his administration in America by transparency and actions that have been important, as the financial health of the club, a strong work in fundraising and stimulating program partners, and I think we put together a competitive squad within the average competition.

Need to strengthen? I think so, with over half and a forward area, but then to start a massacre on top of the leader is overkill, and I say that even unfair.

I see the management of Padang in America punctuated by far more hits than misses, much more positive than negative, and who know the director know he's the limit with this campaign team within the red zone.

The way some act goers and fans of social networking, soon goes missing who want to take charge of an ABC or America - can not but involve the two largest - because for some, all leaders are dishonest, incompetent, donkeys, leeches and mercenaries.

Who knows backstage soccer natalense know that the leaders do not "take" on the contrary, they "lay" within the clubs, different from that foster seizures and each negative result, they often pay even tickets tickets in the stadiums or fees Deliberative Councils in the clubs.

Now is that Padang, unfairly - as with Rubens Dantas - is becoming a target of attacks.

The midfielder Giovani Augusto, and flywheels Daniel Paulista and Somalia are not yet settled, but the others are all legally available to Roberto Fernandes for the game Friday against Avai in the surf, which is the least complicated part of this process to try to get out of the relegation zone of the Brazilian.


Konami Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - PS3
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  • Heart: Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 s Heart aims to recreate the effects of team support, both on an individual player basis and across the entire team.
  • PES ID: Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 set a new bar for realism, with its inclusion of the Player ID system. For the first time, players could instantly recognize a...
  • Team Play: Via the new game s innovative Combination Play users can set up a variety of different tactics in key areas of the pitch using three or more players.

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bring ear protection in case you sit by a group of pre-teen and teen cannot believe the super sonic scream noise level they can produce :D

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