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Pope Italy and Argentina national football team  August 27, 2013 – 15:27

0813 blog August 13, the Pope met with Francis of Assisi in the Vatican in Italy and Argentina's national soccer team member. This two teams in order to pay tribute to the Holy Father will be the next day on August 14 friendly match held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. The Pope told them that: You should be movement and life of the people, is the holder of humanity.08131blog The end of the general audience Pope invited them to pray for him, "so that he can honestly and courageously for the benefit of everyone in the Lord placed his" court "on the race."

"Which team refueling makes me embarrassed, but fortunately this is a friendly and I really hope so!" Pope Francis Although humorous tone of the opening, but the whole atmosphere of the meeting was cordial and relaxed. The Pope did not conceal his love of football, and in his speech talked about his beloved San Lorenzo (San Lorenzo) team.

In such an atmosphere, the pope emphasized the footballer in the stadium, off the shoulder social responsibility, he said: "People from the game you see the beauty, generosity and teamwork.08134 blog If a game is missing these virtues, then Competition is also no fun, even if their team wins. teams are not individualistic position, only completely cooperative. "

Pope in front of professional athletes who made a profound reflection, this reflection can be summarized into three coexisting concepts: beauty, generosity and teamwork.08133 blog The Pope said: "The national and international organizations, will indeed make professional sport, but it should be, but the movement in occupational and must not abandon a sports team's initial mission of movement" amateurism. " Even a professional sport, if you can cultivate this amateur sex, it will benefit society, and from the beautiful, generous and teamwork values ​​starting to build human welfare. "

The Pope also stressed that the beginning of the first players in the title is a person, one has strengths and weaknesses, with hearts and minds, ideals and difficulties. Thus, "even if you are a celebrity, still is in motion and the life of a person is the holder of humanity."

The Pope then leaders in the sports world into a commercial comes to football, this pope urged them to work harder, so that football losing "movement qualities." The pope said: "You have to promote the 'amateur' attitude, and resolutely eliminate discrimination threats. Correct when the team embarked on this road, the stadium audience will be more violence will disappear, the stands will reproduce family audiences figure. "

The Pope then encouraged footballer who sports as the grace of God, play to their abilities and sense of responsibility as an opportunity. The Pope said: "You are a role model, a reference you are doing is good impressive, so you have to through their words and deeds, competitions and values ​​to do good by them sowed good seed."

Finally, the presence of the Pope to put a heartfelt request, he said: "ask you to pray for me, so that I could have arranged by God" stadium ", and for the benefit of all of us honestly and courageously contest . "

We would like you can also become pope's teammate, instead of just on the sidelines of the audience! Pope Come!!

(Pope Francis of Assisi with Argentina national football team)

(Francis Pope and the Italian national football team)

08132 blog


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I don't know who appointed you speaker on US

Sentiment toward the Italian soccer team, but I don't agree that they're hated as the Yankees are. There are many more Italian immigrants here than French. I happen to love the Italian team, so you don't speak for me... or the US for that matter.
And stop saying "negger"... it doesn't sound right.

Israeli teams enjoy successful road trips  — Haaretz
Soccer / Europa League || Israeli teams enjoy successful road trips. In the evening's first game, Maccabi Haifa and Ventspils played out a goalless draw in Latvia, but it was the Israeli side that was disappointed when the final whistle blew.

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