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Sohu Ticker evening of June 25 22:30, CCTV News Channel "global vision" column on the current Chinese Ambassador David Beckham Football Promotion conducted an interview. Interview, Beckham affectionately CCTV Oprah Shui Junyi answered all the questions, he admits the problem of Chinese football, soccer education lies in the foundation, and revealed his most passionate cause is charitable and not hold any football work of the club. Q: We are pleased to see you again in Beijing for nearly a week trip to China, what do you feel?

A: This is a very successful trip and I really enjoy. I saw the Chinese fans around, visited China many beautiful places I have been to China three months ago, this time I served as ambassador of the Chinese Super League. Here again, saw several teams here, I know that this trip a little longer, but it also facilitates I watched a lot of Chinese team's game, something that makes me very excited to do.

Q: as the Chinese ambassador for football, which is something a lot of pressure, you think so?

A: I quite understand this matter for any one country has the highest honor. In England's last game, we lost against Germany at Wembley stadium such a long history, and that the worst thing for us is one of those things.

You have to realize that sometimes you have to spend a very difficult time. Any player in his entire career, has the worst moment, there are always ups and downs, this is the charm of the sport. China is a proud nation, this country can quickly stand up on the stage with other world-class good team competition. The next five, ten or even fifteen years probably will not have too many changes, that same league infrastructure-related, but I hope they get better soon.

Q: As a Chinese Super League ambassador, a spokesman for the Chinese football equivalent of you, how would you introduce China to the world football?

A: I have said that in that case, a vast land, the world's first national population, if not a place in world football, there must be some reason. I would like to find out the reason, although I am not a person who can work miracles, but I can use my experience and Chinese clubs sharing, but also with young people are engaged in this cause to share.

I have played in many top clubs, and also worked with many world-renowned coach, so with these experiences, I hope to share with the Chinese team.

Q: You say that they are not Chinese football miracle maker, but maybe you have some experience as ambassador. How can we solve the current problems?

A: I think the problem lies in the basic football education, I was lucky, I grew up in the Manchester area. In fact even in the UK, many schools can not train a lot into the Manchester United first team, or go to the national team players. I think the key to any one team, lies in his stable, and his players cohesion, we can create a family atmosphere, which is a team of the most important.

Q: Your first stop on the trip to pick up the former residence of Soong Ching Ling, also made ​​a lot of charity events, how do you locate charity this thing, you and Victoria will attend more charity event?

A: As a retired player, I sustained attention to this matter, I am very interested and keen on charitable activities, I am also a UNICEF ambassador. This is something I love to do, I would like to retire after the passion to do this thing, I feel charitable activities can achieve their personal values. Someone asked me, you will go to the club to work? I say, this is not my interest. Engaged in charity, serve more people, this is what I want to do now.


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Here ya go..

1. Do you read the acknowledgments, forward and/or introduction when reading a book, do you skim over them, or skip them all together?
I like to read them.
2. What is something you are passionate about that few know about you?
I'm very passionate about soccer, especially the US Women's Nation Team and the Women's Professional Soccer league, but I think that's kinda obvious to most..
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Two cats :''(
4. What is your favourite dessert?
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