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Football Games Free  August 27, 2013 – 15:27

Futebol Mundial Here you will find 36 football games to play for free with instructions in Portuguese. Each game opens a new window of your browser and have the Flash or Shockwave plugins to play.

World Football
Excellent free game where you can choose teams from around the world and play country against country. During matches can only use 4 players on the field to defend and try to score in the opposing goal. European Football Championship 2012
This is a 3D simulation of the European Football Championship 2012 in Poland and Ukraine. The game is very good but you must master the use of keys to be able to play well.European Football Championship 2012 Sometimes have to wait to do good counter-attacks. World Cup Football
Join the World Cup soccer to the country you want and try to win the final. The gameplay of this game is the best that is in browser games, next up is free PC games or consoles is only graphics that are not so good. World Cup 2010
This is a football game in flash different but very fun to play when you get the hang of. Click the field to wherever the footballer goes on top of the player who wants to make the pass, click the goal / goal contrary to kick the ball. Street Football
Play street football in a game five against five, and try to win matches. The game's graphics are very good and the gameplay too. It is better to keep the ball moving making passes among his players to be tougher team. Beach Soccer
Excellent game with 3D graphics very good beach soccer. One of the tricks to score goals during games is to get the ball and when the ball passes by green circle press X to kick in, this will make a very strong shot. Tribe Football
Play soccer games in three matches against three against their friends in the street. Team play is very important because it slows down when it is in possession of the ball so it will have to make many passes among its players.World Cup 2010 Free Baggio
Check the direct free with Roberto Baggio to win the final of the world. Click on the soccer ball is at the bottom right to choose the strength, direction and effect of the shot. See also the wind direction. Astros Football
Choose football star who wants to play with between Pele, Ronaldo, Rooney or between Maradona and a game of one on one. During the match will show icons that change the characteristics of the ball or the player. Viva La Volley
Check through various volley of shots in this game for free to samba rhythms. Press the spacebar to receive the intersection and then go to the target on the ground and then charge the bar at the right time to kick the soccer ball.Street Football Penalties Brazil
Football game of the Brazilian championship in which penalties have to score and reach the final. To defend click on the red ball that appears quickly and goalkeeper will jump to where you clicked. Click to kick the ball once or twice. He shoots Dkicker To Goal
This is a very fun game that can score goals for their favorite football team or selection. Kicks by far go to far post, it is easier to stop the ball first and then kick. At intersections closer to scoring with a header goal try. Euro 2012
Play the Euro 2012 football with all the teams who have qualified for the competition. This game has the particularity to be played only with the mouse and with it is choosing where to go and what to shoot is not always easy. Is Goal!
Score goals for their favorite football team to win every game and reach the final. Start by clicking the mouse where it appears the red circle on the grass, then point and click to shoot. Try to shoot as possible placed. Free Copa Libertadores
Play with your favorite team in the Copa Libertadores and tick free to win games. You delivers the football controlling the height, direction and effect of the shot. Beware the effect that if you give too much the ball will roll. Football Fast
Throw in the football world with their preferred selection and try to reach the final and win the tournament. This game is played with only the mouse, point to the player who wants to move and click to shoot the cursor will for the goal. Is Goal 2
Play the second release of this game very good football that is played in first person. Here you play as a striker you have to score decisive goal in the match opportunities. Only with time do you go about learning the moves. Virtual Subuteo
If you like the game then Subuteo will like this football game that is very similar. Click on the player you want to use and then point the arrow to the direction you wish to move the player. Control the force with this arrow too. Footballers in the World
This simple game of football requires a lot of skill and reminds a bit of the way to play Subbuteo. You interact by clicking and dragging the mouse to dterminar the strength and direction that will kick the ball. To play fast and do it well. Defends Goal
Defend your goal in this game and play as a goalkeeper in a soccer match. Spend several qualifiers to reach the final. For every two balls that defends your team scores a goal. Beware the balls that come in effect that are the most difficult.

World Cup Football Beach Soccer Tribe Football Free Baggio


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  • Great for game rooms, bed rooms, college dorms--anywhere 2 people want to meet for a fast, fun filled game of table top rod soccer
  • The 1/2 tubular steel player rods have plastic grips for a solid feel
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