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Interview with Cedric, sports coach in Lyon  August 27, 2013 – 15:28

coach sportif lyon Looking for a trainer in Lyon? We have the man for you! I do have the pleasure to present you a very serious and competent trainer,but also very attentive to his athletes. Cedric was one of the first to trust me when I presented the draft network of coaches Personal Trainer Sport . Interview with a great future.

Hello Thibault,so I called Cedric,I'm 26 and I live in the suburbs of Lyon (Bron,exactly).The side of my graduation,I attended a university course with the validation of a license in athletic training and a master's degree in physical,mental and réathlétisation the injured preparation.I also have some federal graduation coaches (Handball,Futsal,Soccer,etc..) And I recently had the international diploma perfinsport physical preparation.I am fitness coach and personal trainer and I had the chance to meet all kinds of audiences,from beginner to professional sports.

My first steps were made ​​in the physical preparation of team sports such as football and basketball. I quickly faced the big problem of individualization of the load. Was difficult if not impossible to provide and manage fully customized loads each of my athletes.I then turned to sports coaching staff,who helped me solve this problem. Today,I also take care of both individuals and collectives in the Lyon region.personal trainer lyon

As you probably guessed,the physical preparation is my first specialty.However,this discipline is easily transferable to the business of sports coach ,even if it is practiced with a sedentary public,because there are some common objectives.Thus,the fitness ,the weight loss and muscle mass ,are highly demanded objectives and I am a specialist.

The first time I worked with more experienced athletes,who knew me and wanted to refine their physical condition .Then my audience is open to all types,the young woman who wanted to get into her dress the couple who wanted to quarantine Regout the pleasure of sport.

That to achieve the goals we set out with my sports.There is nothing better than to be told thank you and it encourages them to do as well or better with all my athletes.

The best tool for my sport remains his mind: if you want to reach your goal,and your motivations are strong,nothing can stop you from my side,my best tool is my adaptability:. know propose sessions varied to a diverse audience,reaching always different objectives.From the material point of view,the rip: 60 offers a variety of exercise that allows me to take advantage of this flexibility.

Apart from the idea of independence,owe nothing to anyone other than yourself,I like the idea of offering real satisfaction to those with whom I work. We live today in a society consumption causes people to sometimes buy things they do not really need,and which they enjoy a short time.In our business,especially when the goal is reached or is being achieved,you offer people real reasons for satisfaction,lasting pleasure visible and profitable as long as they want.


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