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Former Professional Soccer Player Offers Private Group Classes (NY

Linliang Zhong Jong LIN

24 "I love Beckham" Bend it Like Beckham

UK │ Film │ Color │ English, Punjabi, Hindi, German │ Fiction │ 112 '│ 2002

18-year-old Jess grew up in an Indian family in west London. Her mother wanted her to learn to make a good curry, Dad wished she'd marry a good husband. They do not know, Jessie and international football icon David Beckham has the same shooting skills, not only to defend her girls fail to recover, even the boys can not hold back her sharp shot. But Jess but have sex and race, football seems to be a distant dream, it is the men's game, not even think; Jess's friend Drew also has the same problem, how it can be obsessed with football? Fortunately, by that handsome like Beckham coach Joe, so that the two girls did not give up soccer dream kindled hope!

Eighteen year old Jess Bhamra was born in West London to an Indian family. Her mother wanted her to cook Indian food better, while her father wanted her to marry a good Indian husband soon. They did not know their open-minded daughter had soccer skills like Beckham's. Not only girls couldn't catch her on defense, but boys couldn't stop her bent shots. However, Jess was caught up by her gender and race, which made soccer a seemingly distant dream to her since the sport was mostly a man's game. A friend of Jess, Juliette "Jules" Paxton, faced the same conflict as she. So how did they continue to long for soccer? Luckily they encountered their Beckham-looking coach who would keep their soccer dreams alive.
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Coaching Certificate U9 - U12 Players {Oregon Youth Soccer Association Candidate Workbook} Youth Coaching License: Level II
Book (Oregon Youth Soccer Association)

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Coaching Soccer

I'm looking for contacts in the field of coaching soccer. I'm a former college athlete with an MSC in Marketing and a Master of Education degree and two years coaching experience at the NAIA level as a GA. I am from England, and am currently taking the English Football Association coaching license. I have a work VISA and am looking for anyone with any leads, contacts, or ideas!!
Tom Whittaker

Oklahoma State's new offensive coordinator, Mike Yurcich, is a virtual puzzle ..  — Tulsa World
"One time I spilled a glass of water on somebody and that was the biggest tip I ever got." One day he .. "I burned a lot of fields trying to fertilize the right way," he said, adding that he still apologizes to the soccer coach for "torching" a field ..

Cajuns reaping the benefits of STM's Huval staying home  — The Daily Advertiser
He's even deemed by one of his coaches – offensive coordinator Jay Johnson – to be one of the two “most pivotal” players on the UL offense, along with starting quarterback Terrance Broadway. Yet Andre Huval almost never made it with Ragin' Cajuns.

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