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A world of news: Football at 20.30 with Reggina to Serie B Bari via Eurobet 2013/2014  August 23, 2013 – 15:27

Football at 20.30 with Reggina to Serie B Bari via Eurobet 2013/2014

The Series B Eurobet 2013/14 starts Friday,August 23, at 20.30, with Reggina-Bari.Two teams with a great tradition and a strong local identity,who believe in young people,values ​​that reflect the characteristics of the Second National Division and that represent all 22 clubs in the league.

For Reggina is also an opportunity to celebrate the centenary of its foundation and the "Granillo" will be a big party, presented by Francesco Facchinetti with the presence of artists like Clare Galiazzo, winner of X Factor 2012, the Drums of the South, and of some players who have made ​​the history of Reggina: Cozza,Belardi,Perrotta and Poli.

This year,of all the fields and for the first two days, we will start from the Pledge of Allegiance to the mesh bed in front of the fans pre-match as captain,coach and managers, responsible sign of respect to their fans,the fans,the shirt,the company's history and a symbol through which the League Serie B intends to show the credibility of the system.In Reggio Calabria, the ceremonial also involves the parade of the shirts of the teams participating in the championship, the traditional cloth midfield el 'performance of the Hymn of Italy in teams deployed, commitment,always taken from the Second Division to exploit the young promises of Italian football.

The text of the Oath, written in collaboration with renowned composer Mogol, is as follows:

"With your hand on your heart and your mind clear,on behalf of the company and the team that we represent,swear to observe the rules and the rules of football with integrity and purity of the soul,according to the values ​​of sport,ethics and fair play.

In front of you,we are committed to always come down on the field for victory,respecting your opponent and its value,the arbitral body and its decisions,however,accepting the verdict sports with dignity and honor.

With this solemn oath renew the covenant of loyalty and respect towards our fans,our mesh,the history of our club and its future which must be guaranteed even opposing any kind of gesture and unsportsmanlike act,unlawful or not respectful of the rules .


Coaching Certificate U9 - U12 Players {Oregon Youth Soccer Association Candidate Workbook} Youth Coaching License: Level II
Book (Oregon Youth Soccer Association)

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I'm looking for contacts in the field of coaching soccer. I'm a former college athlete with an MSC in Marketing and a Master of Education degree and two years coaching experience at the NAIA level as a GA. I am from England, and am currently taking the English Football Association coaching license. I have a work VISA and am looking for anyone with any leads, contacts, or ideas!!
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