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Football coaching license C Sports  August 27, 2013 – 15:27
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Football coaching license C Sports (BFV - Bavarian Football Association)

Author: Björn Burhenne, 2013/2014 coach U16 TSV 1860 Rosenheim, C License competitive sports, life Kinetics ® Premium Trainer & Coach of a football school

Part 2: Review - insight into the soccer coach training - soccer coaching license C-level sport

I am often approached by fellow coaches on my experiences, which I have made during my training weeks for the C-Sports-and C-level sport license at the Bavarian Football Association.

The first two weeks of my training for grassroots license had been decentralized. A lecturer of the Association held regularly at our club, the training in theory and practice. The test course was then, as usual, at the sports school (mine is Oberhaching). The C-performance sports coaching license, I fully completed later in the center of the sports school, this, there is a separate article.

About my experience with this trainer courses I will list the arguments me with meaningful weighting, have made a clear decision.

Football coaching license C Sports - qualification at the base for everyone!

This allows the association to train trainers in the club, is a hugely important part for me. So you can thanks to the appointments with the lecturer also shift workers and fathers / coaches who do not want to sacrifice sports school for three weeks their holidays, achieve technology and methodology with the basic teaching methods in the field. The claims to own soccer skills and expertise are aware of this low in my eyes, so as to reduce the failure rate to a minimum.

Another very positive aspect is that the highly qualified instructor demonstrates on request with a youth team from the club's own training goals together and look to be in the tool shed on site material. Even the casual atmosphere at training in a familiar environment, has me and the other participants very much and work much easier.

Content deals with the grassroots license - as most know - the learning objectives of technology and the provision of technical and tactical individual elements are in the foreground. Are taught basic coaching and management principles, the position of the group up to the clean technology implementation, for each participant something.


Coaching Certificate U9 - U12 Players {Oregon Youth Soccer Association Candidate Workbook} Youth Coaching License: Level II
Book (Oregon Youth Soccer Association)

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I'm looking for contacts in the field of coaching soccer. I'm a former college athlete with an MSC in Marketing and a Master of Education degree and two years coaching experience at the NAIA level as a GA. I am from England, and am currently taking the English Football Association coaching license. I have a work VISA and am looking for anyone with any leads, contacts, or ideas!!
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