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Leonardo Vitorino - Football Coach: TACTICAL PLANNING IN FOOTBALL  August 27, 2013 – 15:29
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Upon request of some fans'm repeating a text I wrote earlier about planning Soccer.


When a coach takes over a team, he usually does a reading of it, an acknowledgment in the first training, seeking to know their new commanded. If there is a period of preparation, it becomes easier as with the pre-season, providing training and friendly matches the technician can know exactly what group he has in hand. Already assuming the team amid a competition, the coach must urgently gather information about his new team, even before beginning their training as save time and may advance some decisions that need to be taken.

There are some workouts that some technicians always like to make when they assume a certain team, but the model below put some items that are essential in assembling the team, forming a tactical planning for staff.

Pode ser jogado, fracionado ou com algum objetivo que o técnico determinar. - Collective: Can be played, fractionated or for some purpose that the technician determines. Example: Delineate areas for completion, limit the number of touches on the ball, etc..

Pode ser trabalhado em campo reduzido, com ou sem vantagem numérica ou até mesmo no coletivo. - Possession: Can be worked in small field, with or without numerical advantage or even the collective.

Pode ser trabalhado no campo reduzido ou no coletivo demarcando as faixas no campo. - Compression: It can be worked in the field reduced or collectively demarcating the tracks in the field.

Campo Reduzido com mini -jogos, por Setor (Defesa, Meio e Ataque) ou no 11x 11. - Coverage: Reduced Field with mini-games, by Sector (Defense and Attack Mode) or 11x 11.

Trabalha-se geralmente no 11x11, ( Linha 1=Pressão, Linha 2= Intermediária, Linha 3= Meio Campo) - Marking lines: Work is generally in 11x11, (1 = Pressure Line, Line 2 = Intermediate, 3 = Midfield Line)

Campo reduzido ou meio campo 10x5. - Inversion of the ball: Field reduced or midfield 10x5.

Meio campo, no coletivo ou jogo das 3 equipes (alemão) - Output ball: Midfield, or the collective set of 3 teams (German)

Pequenos grupos em determinadas partes do campo - Tactical Training by industry: Small groups in certain parts of the field

¾ do campo 10x5, Meio campo, Pivô, Infiltração dos volantes, triangulações, overlaps, etc. - Exchanges Offensive: 10x5 ¾ of the field, Midfield, Pivot, Infiltration of flywheels, triangulations, overlaps, etc..

Definir o tipo de marcação: individual, setor, mista ou individual por setor. - Training for fitting dial: Set the dial type: individual, sector, joint sector or by individual. Works on the 11 x 11, requiring the communication of athletes. Close attention to the defensive balance.

Em faltas, escanteios. - Set pieces for and against: In fouls, corner kicks. This workout is also plays works counterattack, defensive and offensive rebounds.

Escanteios, faltas, saída de bola. - Played tested: Corner, faults, output ball.


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