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New Zealand National Soccer League  August 27, 2013 – 15:27
Crown Point Soccer Club registration until July 31 and Chicago

The first sports league in New Zealand in 1970, the National Soccer League. It was based on their sequence on the European professional leagues, each team played twice against every other team in the league. A victory meant two points, one for a draw. The leader at the end of the season was thus the New Zealand champion. There was also a descent and an ascent round, so the league was theoretically attainable for every club in New Zealand.

In the first 1970 season eight teams participated. Three teams were from North and three from Central New Zealand. The four start legitimate clubs Südneuseelands (Christchurch City, Rangers, Shamrock and Technical) joined to Christ Church United together. The last station was two playoffs between the fourth place of the Northern League ( North Shore United played) and the fourth place of the Central League (Hungaria). In the end, Hungaria prevailed.

The resulting table of the first football league in New Zealand was as follows:

Since the league was expanded to ten teams in the following year, Western Suburbs avoided relegation. New Zealand's first master was Blockhouse Bay. The National Soccer League existed in this form until 1992:

1970 8 Blockhouse Bay Eastern Suburbs First season Eastern Suburbs Mt Wellington Hungaria and Miramar Rangers merged to Wellington City , Caversham, Dunedin Technical and Maori Hill to Dunedin Suburbs . Mt Wellington Blockhouse Bay Mt Albert-Ponsonby cooperated with Eden and changed their name to FC Auckland City 1973 10 Christchurch United Mt Wellington 1974 10 Mt Wellington Christchurch United 1975 10 Christchurch United North Shore United Wellington Diamond United Mt Wellington North Shore United Stop Out Christchurch United changed their name to Transtours United Christchurch United Mt Wellington Transtours United changed their name back to Christchurch United 1979 12 Mt Wellington Christchurch United 1980 12 Mt Wellington Gisborne City Wellington Diamond United Dunedin City 1982 12 Mt Wellington North Shore United Manurewa North Shore United For a win, there were three points from 1983 1984 12 Gisborne City Papatoetoe Wellington United Gisborne City Wellington Diamond United merged with Wellington City and played under the name Diamond Wellington City United, but these condensed to Wellington United 1986 12 Mt Wellington Miramar 1987 14 Christchurch United Gisborne City 1988 14 Christchurch United Mt Wellington 1989 14 Napier City Rovers Mt Maunganui 1990 14 Waitakere City Mt Wellington 1991 14 Christchurch United Miramar 1992 14 Waitakere City Waikato United Last Season

Source: de.wikipedia.org

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Victoria Park celebrates 30th anniversary  — Ballarat Courier
.. was something that I wanted to fulfil in my time as club president, and it's great to see the club recognise this milestone.” The club was formed in 1984 as part of an amalgamation of the Redan Kosciuszko Soccer Club and Golden Point Soccer Club.

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