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Rotary Year Abroad USA  December 17, 2010 – 00:00
Oregon Soccer Club

MY ROTARY REPORT HERE! Rotary Club Kleinmachnow report by Christian Primus

It was a strange feeling when I am 19 August at the other end of the world got off the plane. My host family welcomed me with a Germany flag and made from the very beginning a nice impression, my host mother Deborah, the software engineering working in a company, Chuck, a judge, Sammie, my ten year old host sister and Charlie my fourteen year old host brother. I had landed in a typical sports-loving American family. Sammie plays softball, the girls version of baseball and Charlie plays water polo for the Henry D Sheldon High School. The high school has 4 grades: 9, 10, 11, 12 or freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior. Charlie is a freshman, and was therefore just as I new to the school.

In Eugene, the University Of Oregon and is the campus of the University makes almost all of downtown Eugene. The college football team is the "Oregon Ducks" and more or less everyone in Eugene is crazy about them. At first it was hard for me to imagine that a football team consisting of students, may be about as popular as a Erstligafußballmannschaft. The University awards scholarships, Scholarships called on particularly good football players they have seen in the high schools. The big stars earn my family so unlike stars like Christiano Ronaldo not a single penny. Eugene is very liberal and democratic, and also accommodates a lot of hippies.

Just arrived in Eugene, I decided to look for a good activity. The activities are in the United States mostly through the school. Sports activities are as divided into seasons, the fall soccer, water polo and cross country, winter basketball, wrestling and swimming and in the spring lacrosse, tennis, etc. I was pretty sure from the beginning that I would try lacrosse, but what I as a school sport could play only in the spring. Therefore, I decided to soccer, but which later proved to be a stupid idea. The school teams are very ambitious and calculated Sheldon, my high school was seen sporting one of the best in Oregon. So I went for a week to tough training sessions, the coach announced to me that unfortunately there is no place for me in the squad. Unfortunately, I was playing hockey as a recreational soccer players not good enough for the varsity football team. Other exchange students in my district, who had landed in villages of 6, 000 souls, even in their high school football could play if they were reasonably athletic.

When Sheldon High School has a football game, the whole school is there and the students cheered their team together. The mascot of the Sheldon High School is, for whatever reason, "The Irish, " which is why you always yells "Go Irish". The school is organized quite differently than in Germany. Each student has in principle its own timetable as a course in the high school system. In addition, each teacher has their own classroom, which he customized. The course system is designed so that each student selects similar to a high school to all courses in English, depending on his level. So there is no math for all Elftklässler, but there are Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and so have to order to get a high school diploma, students collect so-called credits. The school is also much easier than in Germany. Tests can consist of only multiple choice. My courses are Biology, Photograpyh, Outdoor Recreation and English 11 I think that schools in Germany so can in terms of choice of courses and activities to learn some of the American schools.

Source: christian-in-eugene.blogspot.com

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U12 soccer club squad plays, learns in Central America  — Oregon Observer
The Oregon Soccer Club U12 Blaze team stares out at the ocean during its trip to Quepos and Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica, held June 8-15. The team played games against Quepos and Manuel Antonio teams and brought in San Jose Academy, as well.

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