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Sophiawalton89 Skidmore College spring break Mens Soccer season because of ...  August 12, 2017 – 01:35 am

Skidmore College is located in Saratoga Springs, New York, has its men's soccer spring season canceled as systematically because of an incident. The incident took place on 30 November at "Rookie Night." Twenty-eight students were disciplined, including 24 of the 28 members of the football team of men. You'd think an entire season Cancel strong enough, but the school seems to be ready in the fall to continue. Of

"Is addition to our cancellation of the men's soccer spring season have found attended by all athletes in this incident excluded from participation in any spring sports. A number of team members over suspension for significant parts of the fall season, and all students are subject to further disciplinary assessment as part of student behavior. "

What exactly happened is a mystery, but alcohol was involved. Although Skidmore President Philip A. Glotzbach in his statement recorded and "luckily no students were hospitalized or suffered permanent injury."

Update: Skidmore has become a "package" of information to the Saratoga Springs Police Department. About the Saratogian:

"More of our focus on who was the alcohol, and the medical properties where this supposedly took place, " he said that there were initial signs are members of the Skidmores lacrosse teams involved, and add.

More info: FC Augsburg - Hoffenheim [live football]


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