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PES 2014: Liga Chilena Confirmed By Sergio Jadue! ~  August 4, 2013 – 00:00

Sergio Jadue maximum helmsman of the Professional Football Association (NPPA) has confirmed the presence of Chilean league (Campeonato Petrobras) in both football video games more famous today, we talk about Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 and FIFA 2014.

The current President of the NPPA, advertisement business in his first press conference as Vice President of CONMEBOL, where he said the following:

"We have implemented many commercial contracts. Nowadays Chilean football league in the two most important games of PlayStation, which is also EA Sports and Konami. Both are the League of Chile, had never been in the history .'ve been able to negotiate very good prices, we canceled our opinion a higher price to the rest of South America. "
Now we can only hope the Festigame (video games fair largest chile), where serious Chilean league announced officially from Konami.

Do not forget that the team will be in the Festigame PESKITS transmitting everything that happens in reference to Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. Greetings People!


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You likely don't live in a city with a healthy population of other pro soccer players (remember, you've moved back in with your parents).

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