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Pasadena: A Step Below Incompetence

Pasadena (above the seat of the municipal government, which they call City Hall), is a bucolic, but very developed city in the U.S. state of California, County of Los Angeles, the main population and cultural center of the San Gabriel Valley, with a population of less than 150, 000 inhabitants.
There lies the California Institute of Technology, a leading university center and the Rose Bowl stadium where many finals championship American football (not to confuse with soccer, our soccer) were performed.

Vaguely remember the name because it was there that we won the final of World Cup Football 1994 and were tetra-world champions. It is also the city where did the band Van Halen. There also goes a story of the fictional series Goosebumps and sitcom The Big Bang Theory, as well as the series Brothers and Sisters. In the film 'Rumor Has It', is where the character lives of Jennifer Aniston. It is also the setting of the movie Project X.

Ok chief ... Great shit. Had nothing more practical not write?

. Pasadena is also the Pasadena Refining System Inc, a refinery of time the Rockefeller brothers (John and William) still wore short pants and even dreamed of creating the monumental Standard Oil.
A micro size of the monumental grandeur of California's own OS and the eyes of any asshole who has stocked a car in a gas station, but that aroused interest in our commercial immeasurable Petrobras systematically debased by red scum.
In January 2005, the Belgian oil company Astra Oil refinery just bought for $ 42.5 million, a trifle even for a facility outdated and small.

The Belgians, who understand much oil as good beers, soon discovered that the bomb had on hand. Rushed to the market and tried to get rid of bagasse. Who took care of that? Alberto Feilhaber, Brazil, a former employee of Petrobras for 20 years and who, at the time, worked in the offices of Astra USA. On this side of the table, was Nestor Cervero, bigwig of the international Petrobras.

All in all, under the argument be standing in the American market, the charitable finaciadora of June festivals, films and plays the fifth category, the hand of the Belgians dropped $ 360 million only half of the company.

Do not miss: half bought for $ 22.5 million was sold for $ 360 million. 1500% appreciation in just one year. Have better deal?

R nas terras do Tio Sam. But all in the name of R B flag in the land of Uncle Sam.

Thought the brilliant negotiators take Uzistêites Brazilian oil that would sprout in spurts with the findings of precaution. But soon the Brazilian experts, who had not been involved in the plot, found that the facilities of Pasadena could not refine Brazilian oil, by nature of being heavy, own classification of the oil. Or, rather, gave practical to do but would require threading over $ 1.5 billion in renovations and modifications split half and half between the Belgian and Nosco partners.

Already knowing that mouthful was bored, pissed Belgians back and jumped ship. Asked no less than $ 700 million for his part. Potaquepareo. What had cost only $ 45 million, was now only half sold for U.S. $ 1, 060 million (U.S. $ 360 million from the sale of the first half and another $ 700 million by the other).
Sticking his foot in his nationalist outbursts, even having made the shit and knowing it would be larcar-up, the directors of Petrobras Gabrielli ahead, refused to pay, and the case went to the relentless rays of American justice.


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No I am not good enough but I would love to

Play. i blew out my knee in highschool playing soccer. I was good at hockey as well but never reached the level I would need to be to play pro. I could play semi when I was younger. My dad played for the Detroit red wings in the 60's for about 3 weeks before getting sent down to the minors. I saw what that did to him.

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