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Football and Ultras lifestyle - Liverpool exhibition by the Indonesian Speaking | Stadium Road  July 23, 2013 – 00:00

Yesterday,the world's largest cultural site Ultras-tifo ultras published an article in the Indonesian national team matches against Liverpool theme.Indonesian fans turned out to cheer for Liverpool,there is no support for their country representative.This paper presents a point of view: "The full picture looks very good,but simply do not have the mindset we are not going to debate who is the ultras,who is not ultras,everyone has their own ideas,but we do not like people will be in Europe That a completely plagiarized.

Very pleased that we can improve their way of encouragement,but please by someone else decide whether you ultras.In recent months,the Asian teams are now very good,Asian fans in addition to supporting foreign teams,have begun to support local teams.

But remember,ultras is not a man's call,but rather a way of life,the meaning of this way of life,far more beautiful than the picture stadium is more important.

We (ultras) One of the main principles are: support your local team,because these teams represent your country,your city,your school,your street,your friends,yourself.You should be for your city and the local club proud!"

Rooted community Ultras: Sweden Hammarby fans and the public a few days ago by the team's old stadium to the new stadium Air waves march to protest against the authorities in the new stadium install 475 CCTV cameras.

Of course,fans have chosen to ultras as a way of life,can also support overseas clubs,not to the ultras live attitude. But yes,the ball will be the world every one is equal and opposite position,each team takes to get the respect and social values ​​should be the same weight,there are many Asian Club (not just in Hong Kong) to external team too warm ,willing to become rivals foil products,fans club excessively on foreign investment,the damage to a region football career and image.

We are not fans of Pure Air simply requires local races or support local teams,we also support the fans learn to appreciate the perspective of the advantages of overseas soccer,and even our own will reprint Europe,South America and Japan fans cheer clips and pictures for our reference.But we also encourage is that we in the earth would be as a part of their lives.

Earlier England fans protesters wrote "football without fans is nothing",football is a people-oriented movement,the human world by different communities constitute a community is the basic circle of human life,then it progressed to society and the world.Foreign people will use football to link up with the community or territory,Liverpool and if so,Yokohama F Marinos and if so,the national team and if so,where they will have their own sense of belonging,football career but also to rapid development.Hong Kong Football lack is precisely human and social ties.Therefore,we encourage you to soccer participation in society,but also to change the social soccer,football will bring every detail of life in which,let football become the foundation of our society.

Ultras-tifo Liverpool fans will be described as Indonesia's "fake love"

Reference article:
"Friendly match: Support your local team???" 2013/7/22 Indonesia reported against Liverpool

"Who is Ultras" Who is Ultras?


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