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未命名Although Igawa is already MLB and Taiwan BBS (actually did something to do with Taiwan) joke,after all,my first trip to Japan to see Hanshin scene starting pitcher he is,how much they have to care about.House will celebrate EDT 11/3 0:01 regained their freedom (Japan time today,13:01)

Pictured above is the reason Igawa is natto Ayutthaya Ibaraki County,five years ago,when the Yankees settled identified,was still the main force of Godzilla Yankees Hideki Matsui on cross-warm propaganda "in New York,but also to eat natto Oh!",But Indeed house celebration of God hates natto (laughs

If there are only three years left over three decades,people feel nostalgic old coach Okada,of course,but also doing my part came persists in the form of (Hey ~),but in fact,I still expect Igawa to the full development after Orix,do not soap opera played out in the end did not come yet unknown Hanshin ah

樂天也決定加入井川慶爭奪戰,總教練星野仙一也曾在阪神帶過井川慶,因此只要沒有大聯盟球隊要他就會變成元阪神二監督的戰爭了 2012.1.5 Lotte Igawa also decided to join the battle,Hoshino cents a head coach has been in the Hanshin with Igawa,so long as no major league team wanted him becomes yuan Hanshin two wars supervision

www (現在浪人剩下...松井秀喜?!) Baseball ronin finally 3/28 official Jia Ruou Cialis the www (now ronin left ... Hideki Matsui?!)

See their figure put the title then suddenly miss the sensational legend Igawa house of God

.Although the salary 100, 000, 000,but when the players training with only 30, 000 yen,but a taxi is not moving tram.Training only after the rest day bus ride to the neighboring town to buy a 3000 yen a CD
.Igawa mom always told his sister to play with a child playing house.Because it is very comfortable,so they rely on less than 40, 000 yen rent tiger wind Zhuang (quarters) until the 2003 season until the end of a tear a nose Check - (03 annual salary of 100 million yen,04 annual salary of 200 million 1000 million yen)
.At that time two military supervision Okada said he was not a man like Umeda back to the dormitory.The first All-Star game is an autistic person to a clean sheet against the wall,ran Yakult Fujii could not stand him pass the ball.Next year's Star break,somehow with Arias,Hojis,Ramirez ocean will eat together horn (Yakiniku)
.Star Game again next year,from the seaside Makuhari Station sat not sit taxi to Chiba Marine Stadium,and found that as long as you can go,and feel very sorry.Dad sent picking up paying a CELSIOR (LEXUS),the full burden of home remodeling costs.未命名 Too work hard to practice,Nomura supervision resignation theater is coming from a neighbor heard the mouth.Was scheduled to join the league newcomer said,"I want to see naked seniors Igawa"
.Pocket money spent in proportion: 50% gym instructor fees,25% of the convenience stores,12.5% ​​arcade,12.5% ​​controlled toys.The room suddenly went younger Ibaraki cavity with loud yell,and then took the remote control on the back of the room.Wearing killer Jason mask (and ball children) into chaos Fujimoto's room,then came the screams.Igawa very concerned about the Chinese stock market.Feel very sick for caterpillars and annoying.Interest is the finishing room.だっぺ 」(茨城方言= だろう ) ,被星野仙一問了「這樣不太好吧?」本人回答「也不會怎樣」 Were teammates called "daっぺ" (Ibaraki dialect = da ro u),is Hoshino cents a question of "not so good?" I replied "not what"
.Uncle preaching by taxi drivers
.Sharon told the Osaka Dome Aunt point "eat pasta will win."
.Do not like to be seen face,after casting their night game a man from Hiroshima overnight bus back to Osaka.Even more than 3 days off Ibaraki will return home,are the first night train ride to Tokyo like Tokyo dawn.Tokyo expedition,purses,only 1, 500 yen.December 2003 began a living,to October 2004 cast a no-hitter when not finished sorting moving luggage. おーいお 茶」(伊藤園100円左右),付1千找的零錢全扔進了捐款箱. In the convenience store to buy a "おーKeiお tea" (Ito Park 100 yen or so),the change for the payment of a one thousand all thrown into the donation box.Series in Japan,even when eating eat ornaments are so stuck in the throat,and the next day went to the hospital with the endoscopic removal of foreign body. 井川是也」(北= ぼく = 僕) Fans Appreciation Day on self-introduction "thing Igawa is also North and South" (North = ぼku = servant)
.When joining an organization for tobacco and alcohol do not avoid other players around,do not care about self-management was surprised,disillusionment (Igawa even drink carbonated drinks as much as possible)
.Gordon moderators vote before the 2nd forbidden to eat meat.I usually do not play golf,fight,then switch to the right in order to protect his left hand while playing.Primary school it is linked to heart to protect his left hand.Although not in English,but still often eat together and Moore ocean will okonomiyaki (it seems like this can communicate)
.Training pay money when you go to grab crane machine hooked up to put money aside and finally completely forgotten his wallet.Country when my mother sent out four times a wallet to retrieve them altogether,but now they love to use.1000 innings commemorative ball was thrown into the auditorium Yano catcher.The impact to New York debut,pool bar darts contest five straight victories.Hideki Matsui's advice before joining an organization "Igawa monarch,get a new suit and a relatively okay."
.Join the big league after being hit first hits the opponent is a junior high school students.Let the boys and girls with the Yankees CUHK popular


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