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Known by the nickname "Cha Bum" was Bum Khun Cha of Korea's first soccer player in Bundesliga history. The 22 Born May 1953 in Hwaseong, South Korea, former professional football player began with 15 years of his career in football at the Air Force Sports Club Seoul. Ten years later he moved to the Bundesliga for SV Darmstadt 09 As it was, however, due to his military service with only one competitive match. After he had completed his military service, Cha moved back to the Bundesliga and indeed for Eintracht Frankfurt. There he was in a very short time regulars and drove directly his first title, the UEFA Cup.

After four outstanding seasons, he moved to the 1983/84 season at Bayer 04 Leverkusen. Cha also there was quickly integrated into the team and established itself as a fixture in the starting eleven. As the first player of his time, was again Bum Khun Cha UEFA Cup Winners' Cup and managed with Bayer 04 Leverkusen to their first title in club history. In 1989, he finally announced his retirement from active career as a professional player and returned to South Korea. His goal scoring (52 goals in 185 games) was sole criterion for his nickname.

During his playing time in the Bundesliga Cha was an integral part of the South Korean national team. His biggest success was the participation of South Korea at the World Cup 1986 in Mexico.

After his active career as a professional football player to Cha at the Cologne Sports University lies to train trainers. In addition to the coaching in the first South Korean league, Cha coached the women's national soccer team. However, since he was not there to achieve the desired results, he was not dismissed during the 1998 World Cup. Shortly afterwards appeared in the South Korean media an older interview in which Cha expressed openly about corruption and bribery in South Korean football. He was then suspended for five years as a coach in South Korea.

But that did not let him off of it to compete in China as a trainer. There he coached a Chinese first division before he again returned to South Korea and continued to work there as a coach. His effort should be rewarded, because he then won twice, the South Korean Championships, once the A3 Champions Cup and the Pan-Pacific Championship. Then after a weaker season Cha announced his resignation in 2010.

His passion for football was his son Cha Du-ri on, who also played in the Bundesliga and the English Premier League.

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