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South Korea and Japan met again rival the London Olympics football competition for the bronze medal - Xinhua International  August 27, 2013 – 15:27
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Xinhua Beijing August 10 (Reporter Biqiu Lan) in this London Olympics, South Korea, Japan soccer team have the potential to Pozhu fabulous broke into four strong. However, South Korea and Brazil in the final battle when tickets to 3-0 loss to rivals. Meanwhile, the Japanese team lost to Mexico 1 to 3. Thus, this pair of rival South Korea and Japan, will be held at 2:45 on August 11 (Beijing time) in a showdown to compete for the bronze medal.

South Korea and Japan in the Olympic Games record of four wins, four draws and four are negative, showing that the two teams are evenly matched, the 11th of the game, both teams will carry out the fierce battle. South Korea was on the 2002 World Cup in fourth place was the 1968 Mexico Olympics in Japan as an Asian country for the first time won the bronze medal, after a lapse of 44 years, will once again shock bronze.

South Korea won the tournament will be huge rewards as

Korean "cultural Daily" reported on August 8, South Korea beat Japan, then players will get 2 years of military service exemption, bonuses and other great rewards.

In these awards, the exemption from military is undoubtedly the most attractive, which is not measured by money.

This Japanese users that "Korean Council for exemption from military and hard play, Japan should also gives players the motivation to play hard."

In addition to exemption from military, generous bonuses can not be ignored.

Korea Football Association was held on April 17 this year, the second Council released the London Olympics incentives. South Korean soccer team won the bronze medal if, will receive 1.52 billion won (about 8.5 million yuan) in prize money. Of course, the money is allocated according to their contribution to the coaches and players.

According to regulations, the coach Hong Myung-bo will get 100 million won (about 560, 000 yuan), Jintai Ying assistant coach 80 million (about 450, 000 yuan), Pu Jian River assistant coach 70, 000, 000 (390, 000 yuan). The athlete's performance in the field under will get A ~ D corresponding level of reward. Among them, the most active players in the field, will receive 70 million (January 390, 000 yuan) award, followed by 60 million (about 330, 000), 50 million (about 280, 000 yuan), 40 million (22 million yuan) range.

Reported that even the South Korean team lost to Japan, has brought into the Olympics four South Korean football coach Hong Myung-bo strong and will not go home empty handed. To create the myth of the Korean soccer team has now been able to get 885 million yuan to ensure that (about 4.9 million yuan) in prize money.

Source: big5.xinhuanet.com

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