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Jose Aldo wins the Korean Zombie, does delight of fans and retains belt - MMA  August 3, 2017 – 01:25 am

Jose Aldo wins the Korean Zombie, does delight of fans and retains belt

Manauara wins by TKO in the fourth round and firm as idol

Brasileiro José Aldo dominou a luta contra o Zumbi Coreano e manteve cinturão dos penas no UFC (Alexandre Loureiro/Inovafoto)
Brazilian Jose Aldo dominated the fight against the Korean Zombie and kept in the UFC featherweight belt

Vicente Ribeiro
Special envoy to Rio de Janeiro The Korean Zombie up scared in certain, but prevailed technical quality of Jose Aldo. Conscious even when it was attacked by the opponent, manauara kept quiet and defeated the South Korean Chan Sung Jung by TKO in the fourth round, the main event of UFC 163, at dawn on Sunday at the Arena da Barra, in Rio de January.

It was the fifth title defense of the Brazilian, who, every fight, gaining more space in the hearts of sports fans. In Rio de Janeiro he was the main star, and with the defeat of Lyoto Machida for Phil Davis in the second most important fight of the night, the responsibility fell on the shoulders of Manaus. And Jose Aldo did not feel the weight, learned to wait for the right time to settle the Korean Zombie, 2min to the fourth round.

Unlike the 142 edition, in which the celebrated manauara the arms of the crowd at the Arena Bar, this time the party was over contida.Ele opportunity to thank the love of Brazilians, that even mounted a pep rally, the Detona, Aldo. There was a bandeirão prepared for manauara but that was not used during the event.

"Thank you for your support once again. Love you, thanks for this moment, "thanked the champion, who took quite a sudden injury suffered by the opponent to win the victory by TKO." I saw that he had a problem in the arm, choked down and decided to terminate the fight, "he added.
The fight

Jose Aldo sought to demonstrate calm since the beginning of the fight, betting at the right time to strike blows at striking. The Korean Zombie sought bother kicks, but could not get a good approximation. At the first opportunity the manauara down, but the Korean then rose. Then a kick shot that destabilized the rival and a flying knee that oriental managed to dodge.

In the second round, Aldo began with a string at the waist line and a crusader that almost nailed it. The manauara insisted in quick jabs, some sticking to guard rival. Then the Brazilian applied beautiful fall and fell over in the position of one hundred pounds. But there was no time to completion and Korean rose.

In the third round the fight was waged, with referee Herb Dean stopping twice and taking athletes to the center of the octagon. The fans have spoken up charging more action. The South Korean scared the champion with dangerous knees.

Source: www.superesportes.com.br

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