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Transfer Market - Honda, the Japanese option Barcelona  August 27, 2013 – 15:27
Women s soccer team embodies Japan s post-disaster resilience

Of all the alternatives available on the market to meet the more than possible departure of Thiago Alcantara , few are as affordable as the Japanese Keisuke Honda.

The Japanese have made ​​a great Confederations Cup , especially in the game against Italy, and his name has begun to sound to some of the greats of European football.

Honda, 27, will be freed on December 31 after finishing his contract with CSKA Moscow , so his signing this summer would be more than affordable.

Milan, ahead

For now, the Milan looks best placed to engage the Japanese for around six million euros, but the option of Barcelona is not ruled out.

Honda would not charge too much money to record and to him would be proud to play alongside Lionel Messi and Neymar. In addition, his playing style is not too far from the philosophy of being a football club used to playing one-touch

The footballer, born in Osaka 27 years ago, jumped to European football Venio signed for Dutch. From there he moved to CSKA Moscow in which team has played three seasons.

Source: es.eurosport.yahoo.com

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You wouldn't see any difference

Why would Japanese baseball be full of American Players? Back in the day it was, but now the Japanese players are basically at the same level as the American players because there is only so long that there can be a difference in overall talent, eventually the talent across the board will level off because the human body will reach it's limitations.
In baseball that has happened since more ...ow, I am saying that the US was a pioneer in getting the women to play at an earlier age and continuing on to the higher level, all the other countries are playing catch up and eventually the US won't be a force the way they are now because the other countries will be able to match them, thus reducing their dominance, that goes for both basketball and soccer, and even hockey and softball as well

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The performance represented a dramatic rebound from 2012, when the team failed to win a match and lost by big margins. Extra Photos.

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