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The Japanese miracle 1968 | Football Trial  February 2, 2012 – 00:00

Kamamoto con PeléKamamoto with Pele

The 1968 Mexico Olympics was an extraordinary turning point in the history of the Olympics.The killing of the plaza of the three cultures,the legendary Beamon jump,or staging an innovator of high jump technique as Dick Fosbury, helped make the event organized by the Aztecs,a special event.

We will focus on the football tournament.That great forgotten victim of Olympic sport.Scenario noble battles since the early twentieth century,was built to the official program of the games.The Olympic football were troubled times in 1968.The IOC disposal seriously asked the official calendar.The spirit of amateurism collided with a sense of real competitive tournament.A policy that benefited certain countries,which could align teams much more potential rivals in theory represented the professionalism.Kamamoto,Olympics

The Mexico Soccer Tournament 1968 will be remembered for Japanese football prowess,he got a medal for the first and only time in the history of the Olympic Games.The truth is that the team did not start rising sun as one of the favorites for the championship.In 1964 they managed to reach the quarter-finals,where they were eliminated by the powerful selection of Czechoslovakia.This was attributed to the fact that the Japanese were the organizers of the games,so no one thought that four years later would achieve the feat of taking a medal.

The draw for the first phase are placed in a tough group. Brazil and Spain should be classified without problems before the two Cinderellas,one coming from Asia,Japan, and the other in Africa,Nigeria.

Brazilian and Spanish met in the majestic Aztec Stadium in Mexico City on October 14,1968. Pepe Santamaria had brought 19 players to the Games.3 players from Real Madrid,(Toni Grande,Gerardo Ortega and Francisco Espíldora) Rayo Vallecano 3 (Gregorio Benito,Andres Mendieta and Jose Garcia), 2 players from Sabadell (Garzón and Fernando Ortuño), 2 Cordoba (Crispi and Rafel Jaén),Peter Valentine Athletic Catalonia,Igartúa Athletic Bilbao,Espanyol Ochoa,Hall of Girona,Asensi of Elche,Alfonseda of Barcelona,​​Tenerife Neighborhoods,Juan Fernández del Ferrol and Ciaurriz the Plus Ultra.

Source: www.futbolprimera.es

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