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The Football Association of Japan ( Japanese :日本サッカー協会) is the governing body of football in Japan . Founded in 1921 , is affiliated to the International Football Federation (FIFA) since 1929 1 and the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) since 1954 3 . It is responsible for organizing championships nationwide, as the Japanese Football League (J. League). It also manages the Japan Football Selection and Selection of Japanese Women's Soccer .

, Dai-Nippon Shūkyū Kyōkai ? ) . The organization was founded in September 10 of 1921 2 with the name of the Football Association of Great Japan (大日本蹴球协会, Dai-Nippon Kyokai Shūkyū ? ). , Nihon Shūkyū Kyōkai ? ) . In 1945 , it changed its name to Football Association of Japan (日本蹴球协会, Nihon Kyokai Shūkyū ? ).

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  • Japanese Women's Football Championship

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