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Hobby Consolas interview Manorito Naoya Hatsumi and Hosoda  August 26, 2013 – 15:27

The football derby of the season will begin in late September. PES 2014 was present at the Gamescom in Cologne and we spoke exclusively with producers, Naoya Hatsumi and Manorito Hosoda, who explained the main novelties of the title and answered our questions, with everlasting kindness Japanese.

A decade ago, there was a football saga winning their matches by a landslide. It was called Pro Evolution Soccer, and praise rained everywhere, thanks to its realistic recreation of the sport. That was in the days of PS2 and Xbox, but then, with the advent of the current generation, its progression stagnated, while FIFA, his perennial rival, became a real galactic able to win the Golden Ball one years other well.

This year, the PES Team is ready to reclaim the throne football, from September 19 on PS3, Xbox 360, PC and PSP. To do this, Fox has seized engine, the same engine that Hideo Kojima being used in Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.

In the recent Gamescom, we had the chance to be in exclusive Manorito Naoya Hatsumi and Hosoda, 2014 PES producers, who we spent half an hour to explain the latest developments of the title and to answer all our questions. Football was not invented in Japan, but almost.

The licenses have always been one of the weak points of the series Pro Evolution Soccer. The new release, but still be far from the offering FIFA, will offer a handful of championships. The leagues of Spain, Italy, France and Holland will complete (the English, only half in regard to names) and added three major championships in South America: those of Argentina, Chile and Brazil. It will also make his debut in the AFC Champions League (the main tournament in Asia), which will join the European Cup and the Copa Libertadores. Interestingly, in the presentation, we explained that, to recreate the stadiums, many cultures have used, and it is true, then, in the audience, you could see numerous fans with the typical Arab turban, for example. To top off the list of teams, there will be a booking DLC will include classic teams of the 80s and 90s, among them find the Milan, Manchester United, Benfica and Roma.

The Master League will also feature several upgrades. We sign with other teams and also teams with a more intuitive transfer system. Once we have won a league, we can make the jump to the call Galactic League, where no restrictions for signing players if we have amassed fortune before necessary.

Also, the online games will play eleven against eleven, as well as cooperative against the CPU. To stay connected with friends, improve the My PES, which is compatible with smartphones and will allow to view statistics and progression in the game.

Training mode will also feature significant improvements, which resemble Skill Games the FIFA series. For example, exercises will overcome cones, throw faults, to walls, to run dribbling ...

Those were the main developments Naoya Hatsumi and told us at the launch Hosoda Manorito staff who made ​​us. To that, add all that had been previously announced, as the influence of the public on the players, the new collision system or revamped AI. Without further ado, I leave you with the questionnaire that could make the two producers.

Source: todowe.blogspot.com

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